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Confused about what it means to be a Product Manager? Are you unsure how to prioritize product ideas? Do you find it difficult to drive alignment within your team, or unsure what metrics to focus on?

UpSkill PM Course will equip you with the frameworks and tactics needed to thrive in product and help you level up your PM Career.

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Who is this course for? 

✅ Aspiring Product managers who are confused about whether PM is the right career and what it takes to be a PM.

✅ Early-Career product managers (0-3  years) who want UpSkill by learning new tactics and frameworks 

✅ You work in another tech or non-tech profession and want to learn what is product management all about

✅ You already handle PM duties in your current role but need a pathway to pivot to product.


Who is this course NOT for? 

If you are a senior/lead product manager with 5+ years of experience then this course may not be for you. Also If you expect quick results. this course is not a get quick results course. You will need to practice and apply the frameworks to get results,

This course will allow you to learn the frameworks and various mental models to build your product thinking, learn how to navigate in complex, matrix environments, and learn to better communicate at work.

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What you will learn inside the course?


Everything you need to know about Lean Product Management, you will learn the skills required for the day-today job of a PM and learn the art of problem definition in clear + measurable way


You will develop your storytelling and presentation skills with an innovative learning experience that empowers product managers; to present a vision and bring others on board, making you an effective product manager.


You will learn to take the reins and own your product from ideation, through development and beyond. By exploring different frameworks, methodologies, and tools for strategy, you’ll leave with greater confidence and skills as a PM


You will learn how to validate your idea by getting early feedback from customers, and how to iterate and build a strategic roadmap that aligns with the vision for the product

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Fundamentals you didn't know you needed

- Learn the product concepts and lay a strong foundation 

- Skills needed to become a strong Product manager along with what it takes to graduate to the next level

- UpSkill your Product Management career


Understanding and gathering user insights 

You will learn how to do market research and extract data, understand competition, and differentiators, and build meaningful solutions



Understanding if a product idea is viable 

Learn how to identify your target customers/ market and calculate total market share, along with building a customer journey map.


Learn to define 'the problem' in a clear, concise, and measurable way 

- You will learn how to write Epics and stories 

- How to define 'the problem' at the project level and write Product Requirement Document (PRD) 

- How to build backlog and build an OKR-driven roadmap.


And so much more! All the modules have subsequent exercises that you can do to apply the knowledge learned in the lesson. 

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Meet your Instructor 👩‍💻


Hi, My Name is Nazuk Jain! Nice to meet you!

 Over the past 12+ years, I have had the opportunity to work for many different companies in tech i.e. large companies as well as Startups, some of those companies include names like J.P. Morgan Chase, Apple, Kaiser Permanente, and Wells Fargo among others. Drawing from my experience over the past decade, and the challenges I faced I have complied this course with the lessons that I wanted and needed when I was starting out. 

UpSkill™ Course for new and aspiring PM will equip you with the frameworks and tactics needed to thrive in product and help you level up your PM Career.

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UpSkill PM Fundamentals Course

$100 USD

Taught by industry thought leader, VP of Product and Creator of Product Career 
  • Instant Access to the self-paced video course
  • Five Modules that will teach you how to build a product from inception to launch, and validate your idea.
  • Lifetime access to the course with any future iterations. 
🗝 Get Instant Lifetime Access for $100

"I am a Product Manager with 2 years of experience in product management. I have attended various courses and workshops but they are mostly theoretical. Nazuk's course is quite insightful, especially for people who aren't from the same background. There are many materials and content out there but IMO to understand the topic from an expert(who is working in the same field) is a different experience. Basically not just theory but how it works in real-world."

- Kyle Wood (Product manager)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)